Monday, 18 June 2012

First Impressions

Isaac, Gerald, Dean and Maleka tour the Synod property

Well, it’s 6 days into our time in Zambia. We’ve met with Synod to get an overview of the Presbyterian Church here. They have a wonderful vision for the future of their church, with well-thought out goals. Despite having very little in the way of resources and man-power, they have already made a start on many of their plans for the glory of God. They are an inspiration! In the background of the photo to the right are the foundations for a 4 classroom block to teach ex-prisoners life skills to reduce recidivism. This is a practical outworking of their desire to see the Gospel impact all people in Zambia.

Sandy holding Faith at a Community School

On Thursday and Friday, we were given a tour of 7 of the Church’s 10 community schools in Lusaka. These schools are run by volunteers who occasionally receive a small stipend. They offer education to the most vulnerable of children free of charge. They are all under-resourced but still do an amazing and professional job of educating children from prep-year 7 (Zambia’s final year of Primary school). One of the smallest students, Faith, was rubbing Sandy's feet to see if the white rubbed off! Another checked if her hand was white after shaking ours!!

Men's Guild (Madodana) Choir praising God

On Saturday, Dean taught the Matero Saturday Bible Study group an overview of the Bible over two and a half hours. Sandy illustrated each step as Dean spoke. Matero’s session clerk, Tom, translated into the local Nyanja language. Some really great questions from the group showed us that they were understanding what was taught.
Our first Sunday here was an absolutely classic African one. We were picked up from our accommodation at 7:20am and didn’t get back until 3:45pm. The two services Dean preached at ran from 8am til 1pm (and it wasn’t because Dean preached long sermons!). And yet somehow it doesn’t seem like a long time. Of course the singing is glorious -several different choirs treated us to some incredible praise of God. Sandy had a quick session teaching the Sunday School children from the “Wordless Book” gospel story in colours.

Tomorrow (Tuesday), we start full days of teaching - Dean teaching Eldership training, and Sandy teaching at Matero Community School, one of the church’s free schools for vulnerable children. Many of the children in this school are single or double orphans. Thanks for taking the time to read what we’re up to, and especially thanks for your prayer support! More soon...


  1. Hi Dean and Sandy. All sounds increadable and isn't great to here they don't seem to have a timeframe when it comes to worshiping God. Soak in every moment. God bless.

  2. AP's, sounds great what you two are doing over in Zambia! It's fantastic to see photo of you both there and I shall continue to pray for a blessed time for you both, as you bless though around you. I love the story about faith Sandy! Love ya both and look forward to reading more. Your AD!!

  3. Thanks for taking the time to post and keeping us up to date!

  4. You don't seem so far away when we can see you in photos! Thanks. Great to hear about the church leaders and their plans, and the eagerness to drink in God's Word.
    Fancy there being 10 community schools. What is the average number of chidren in attendance?
    Hadn't heard of recidivism before. (para 1) For other readers, it means 'repeated or habitual relapse, as into crime.'
    But what do you mean by 'single or double orphans'?
    love K&E

  5. Lovely to hear from you guys. Looking forward to catching up when you come 'home' - or are you 'home' now - it's getting hard to tell :) Will keep an eye on how you are going and keep you in our prayers..

  6. Awesome to hear what's happening. Praying for you Dean & Sandy, Clinton & kirsti


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